Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Starting small....

In my previous blog I wrote about my one word theme for the year SCAFFOLD, and how my aim as I start the year is to scaffold my growth, to learn from others and in this I hope to be a better mother, wife, friend, worker, to be my best me.

Part of this is increasing my reading and my first book of 2014 Believing God by Beth Moore seems to have a divine choice ( it was a free download recommended by a great friend )

In this Beth talks about a Five Statement Pledge of Faith, aka Shield of Faith, and encourages us to write these down ( according to twitter she has this copy on her elliptical trainer) and speak them out often.

At my first read through I found the first two statements easier to say than the third and fourth and fifth because they brought me into the equation. There is a transition from "believing in God" and "believing God" and if I am choosing to Believe God then statements 3-5 are just as true as 1&2, and I will need to embed these into my spirit.

To this end various small cards will be appearing around my house, on mirrors and inside cupboard doors, as bookmarks and in my purses and bags with these five statements printed on them because I know I need to keep reading them and reminding myself because I know that if I choose to believe them and trust in them that they will be pivotal scaffold poles this year. A small thing to make a big difference.