Saturday, 21 February 2009

It's a start!

A good friend posted this quote on her blog today.

"It's not what people think and say about you that makes you different. It's what you think about yourself and what your God has said about you that really matters" T D Jakes

and it set me thinking, had I set up my blog account really just to follow others, or do I actually want to write something. In truth the latter is the case but fear about the comments of others has stopped me each time. Anyways this quote stopped me in my tracks and hence this first post. This isn't going to be a blog written to others or for others, I guess its just for me as I work out who I am, and if anyone peeks in and thinks it feeble, or lacking in literary genius I will refer them to this quote, and whilst it might still hurt a bit, I'll get over it!!