Monday, 16 April 2012

Thankful for coffee time , and for 1lb off (4-5/1000)

4. Thankful for coffee, not just any one, a skinny one of course, and with some sugar free hazelnut syrup but more than that, what made this one extra special, having a good friend to share the time with, to speak truth to and be spoken truth to, to build up and be built up, to encourage and be encouraged by.

5. One pound, not money but weight, some of you will know I lost 4 stone last year but since my gallbladder surgery I have not lost any, in fact and in honesty I have gained....but tonight I had my first loss in 12 weeks, not a gain , not a stay the same but a loss, and no matter how small 1lb may seem, to me it could have been 100lb, for the feeling I had to finally have turned a corner. By no means were all my food choices good this week, but there were more good ones than last week, and next week there will be more good ones than this week. For those of you who wonder what 1lb fat looks like here's a pic......