Saturday, 14 April 2012

A journey of thankfulness ....

I have been inspired by two people I work with to start a new blog challenge. Dave Betts has started a blog a day for a year challenge and Heather Pocock blogged about a book she had read and the challenge to record those things we are thankful for.
Dave Betts Blog
Heather's Blog

Both these hit a chord with me, Dave's because I am terrible with starting and not sticking with things, I lose my way and then am too embarrassed or scared to start again, and Heather's because i really hate when I write a whole day off as a bad day because of one thing and go bed with a negative focus.

So I have that each day I will pictorially represent my 1000 things I am thankful for. These will not be epic photos, I am no photographer, but candid snaps on an iPad, or representative images. I will not be offering profound writing, just simple thoughts. My focus is just to develop a better attitude of thankfulness in me and if anyone else is along for the journey that's great too.

In a year it works out about 2.7 pics a day, so if I aim for 3 then that gives me about 30 days of grace if I fall behind. I am a girl who knows she needs grace, and who needs to remember deep within my spirit that whilst not everyday may be a good day, there will be good in every day..